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Price List

All  prices exclude Vat. 

Full Splitty = £325
Half Splitty = £225
Full Bay = £325
Half Bay = £225
Full Splitty Burner/bbq = £350
Character Burners from £225 – £295
F1 = £295
Mini = £395
Beetle = £295

XL Splitty BBQ & Pizza Cooker = £495

T3, T4, T5 Vans = £495

Landy (standard)= £375

Landy (off road) = £415

Caddy = £350

Full Caddy =£450

Bespoke burners = £495

Dive Helmet = £595

Truck = £495

Fire engine = £425

Owl = £350

Truck = £495

Truck with BBQ Trailer = £695

Dragon = £695

If you would like any burners painted or customised there will be a charge of £85. we use 650 degree heatproof paint stove paint on all our burners.

Lacquered to help protect = £10

UK = £24
Euro = £35 – £45
US = £130 – 150
Australia = £170

£50 deposit is required to secure your order via PayPal or Bank Transfer remaining balance is due when your order is ready for delivery. Total price including VAT will be given when enquiring.

To place a order you can contact us on the contact page on our website or email your order or enquiry to

Current lead time on orders is around 4-6 weeks

Bespoke Burners are 6 – 8 weeks

Chimineas care and safety instructions

Please read this before you purchase your burner

So you can enjoy your chiminea in complete safety and care for it so you get many years use please follow the guidelines which will help you and avoid any accidents .

• Our Chimineas are for outdoor use only.

• Always ensure your chiminea is covered when not in use as the amount of rust will depend on whether it is left outside in all weathers. These are made out of steel and like all steel will rust if not protected against the outdoor elements. If it does rust it will not affect its use. The rust can bebrushed off with plumber’s wool. The chiminea can also be re-painted or protected with a heatproof lacquer or chiminea covers that can be bought from most DIY stores

• The chiminea should be sited on a flat surface that is none combustible. It should NOT be placed directly on to wooden surface •

• The surface where the chiminea is to placed should be flat and level so the chiminea does not wobble.

• If assembly is required, be sure to read the assembly instructions carefully and attach all fastenings securely.

• DO NOT leave the chiminea unattended. It gets very hot and could pose a hazard to both children and pets . Note – it is possible to buy safety guards for a chiminea .

• Make sure the chiminea is placed away from flammable materials that could burn or catch fire, both overhead and to the sides, such as tree branches, sheds, awnings, washing lines, fences.

• Use long barbecue tongs to handle food to lessen the risk of burning yourself. A pair of fire gloves is also useful – the sides of the barbecues get very hot .

• Never use indoors •

• Never use an accelerant to light a chiminea.

If you have any queries, please contact us via Facebook or email

Enjoy your burner!

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